Affiliates, Influencers & Content Creators

As you can imagine we receive a lot of requests from influencers etc to review our boxes and as much as we would absolutely love to give you all a box, if we did that we wouldn't have a functioning business, so we have come up with another way to determine who is really a My Lady Box advocate.

Become an Influencer for MLB in only 3 steps:

  1. Join our affiliate program here by clicking on this link
  2. Paste your link into your social media bio or Linktree &/or send it directly to friends/family.
  3. Make 5 sales using your link and we will send you a free box.

It's that easy. 

We love the influencers who have a genuine passion for our boxes and want to remain authentic to our customers who are following their lead.  

We look forward to meeting you lovely 😉


Team MLB xx