Australian-made Period Heat Packs: Our Top Picks

PERIOD HEAT PACK: Quality vs Quantity

In search of a period heat pack? You're in the right place! Having a period is not fun, but with this reusable heating pad designed to be used during your cycle, you can reduce cramps and overall discomfort. These pads work best when warmed in the microwave or in hot water for a few minutes before use. Please read product description below for further instructions on how to use this specific product.

Ready to use at a moments notice, these reusable heat packs can be worn or carried in a purse or pocket. Each period heat pack is individually sealed and the ingredients are all natural and non-toxic.

HEAT PACK - Washable Cover - Australian Wheat - 100% Cotton - LARGE
Whether you need to stay warm while traveling, eliminate menstrual cramps, or add extra heat to your gloves, you should consider purchasing a menstrual heat pack. They're inexpensive and easy to use; no washing or changing out needed.
Period heat pack
Simply put our pad right next to your body just under your underwear, where it can absorb all that extra daily heat. When inserted correctly, it will keep you comfortably warm throughout the day and night, giving you natural relief. The pads are also small enough to fit in your hand so they can discreetly be taken with you everywhere you go.
We've got you covered. Period. This handy heat pack stays warm (not hot!) for hours and is reusable for 10 years.
Period Heat Pack
The only reusable heat pack made to warm the core, period. The reusable heat packs are created with high quality material that retains heat for hours. The Gentle Warmth period heat packs are reusable, environmentally friendly, save you money over time, and allow you to shop without guilt.
Period Heat Pack

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